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Holding Hands

partner-only support group

Partners in Prostate is a unique nationwide support group that meets monthly over Zoom, ensuring a safe space for partners of prostate cancer patients to share experiences, ideas, and resources with one another.

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The Partners in Prostate support group meets monthly over Zoom on the last Wednesday of each month at 5:00 pm Pacific (8:00 pm Eastern).

All partners of prostate cancer patients are welcome to join, regardless of sex, gender, or stage of their partner's journey.

Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada - Partners in Prostate
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Partners in Prostate is facilitated, in partnership with Prostate Cancer Foundation Canada, by the fabulous author and motivational speaker, Glenda Standeven.
As both a partner to a prostate cancer patient and a cancer survivor,  she shares her lived experience with humour to inspire and lead partners who video in from everywhere in Canada from Dawson Creek, BC to Moncton, NB, and even occasionally, the US.

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